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Over 350 mini-games for English spelling, punctuation, and spelling, with self-marking homework and easy tracking.

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Most grammar practice can be dry, repetitive, and boring. But fluent fundamentals are really important for clear writing...

That's why we built Rollama: a llama-themed universe of mini-games and teaching tools for spelling, punctuation, and grammar, with medals, leaderboards, avatars, competitions, and more!

Made by teachers, for teachers, we're fully aligned to the English National Curriculum, using robust, evidence-based principles, and we fit alongside any scheme or curriculum.

Rollama is the playful path to fluent fundamentals!

✅ 4-week trial no credit card required

Features for Teachers

Over 4.5 million Rollama games played by students around the world!

Curriculum Areas Covered:


  • Phonics

  • Digraphs

  • Exception words

  • Statutory words

  • Compound words

  • Prefixes & suffixes


  • Colons

  • Commas

  • Capitals

  • Full stops

  • Apostrophes

  • Proofreading


  • Tenses

  • Clauses

  • Pronouns

  • Prepositions

  • Word Classes

  • Auxiliary Verbs


  • Synonyms

  • Antonyms

  • US/UK English

  • Abbreviations

  • Word Families

  • Formal/Informal

and lots more, with over 300 game pages!

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- set up in 60 seconds
- no planning or marking!
- mapped to the NC

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4-week trial · no credit card required